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Low emission zone Ghent

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To improve air quality, Ghent's city center or the area within the R40 is a low emission zone (LEZ). Polluting vehicles that do not meet the admission requirements are no longer allowed to enter the zone. Avoid a fine and always check your vehicle before coming to Ghent. Do you have a question? View the frequently asked questions at, or contact us on 0032 9 210 10 30

On 1 January 2020, a low emission zone will be introduced in Ghent within the R40.

Ghent Center and our hotel will be located just within this area, but will certainly remain fully accessible.
Through you can check whether your car will still have access to this area and you can find the Euro standards. You will find the Euro standard on your registration certificate. 

If you have a Euro 4 diesel car, you can still purchase a permit to enter the area until 2025 via

We can also do this for you up to 3 days before arrival date, with an additional administration fee of 25 €.

The administration costs will be added to the reservation invoice.

Do you have a diesel car with Euro standard 3 or lower, or a petrol car with Euro standard 1 or lower?

Then you can still enter the area by purchasing a day pass (maximum 8 times per year). Such a day pass costs € 35 and can be purchased via

If you would like more information, you as a customer can get more information via the e-mail address or by calling 00 32 9 210 10 30.

We remain at your service, you can ask all questions only (not by telephone) at the email address

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